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Boating Supplies and Accesories - Dock, Mooring and Anchor Lines


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Rope or Line Used for Boat Supplies - How to Properly Outfit your Boat

Rope, called line when used aboard boats, is essential to outfitting your boat properly. When you shop for boating supplies and accessories, line should be at the top of your list. You will use it to tie your boat to the dock, to attach your anchor to keep your boat from drifting, to tie protective fenders when you are moored, and many more uses which include, but are not limited to, knot tying, splicing and more.

There are many different types and sizes of lines to match its many uses. Line is classified by whether it is natural or synthetic, it's construction and size. Each type of line excels at different uses aboard a boat. Follow the links below to learn about the construction and types of different lines, their uses and the right size of line for your boat.

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