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Small Boat Seamanship

Nobody is born an expert boater, but by knowing small boat seamanship - the art of boat handling, and marlinspike seamanship - the art of line handling, you can become the master of your boat. Together, they are necessary skills for every boater.

Boating Supplies and Accesories - Dock, Mooring and Anchor Lines
Rope, or line as it is called on a boat, is an essential boating accessory. Learn about line types, construction, size and uses aboard your boat.

Know Your Boat - The Foundation of Seamanship
Seamanship is more than boat handling. Knowing your boat is the first step to mastering the art of small boat seamanship.

Know Your Boat - Location, Position and Direction Aboard Your Boat
Learn these common boat terms used for location, position and direction aboard a boat.

Know Your Boat - Parts of a Boat
Knowing how your boat is constructed and its various parts will increase your understanding of boats in general, and yours in particular.

Tips for Better Boat Handling Skills
When it comes to being an expert boat handler, practice is the name of the game. Follow these tips while you are boating, and you will master your craft in no time.

Take a Seamanship Course
The United States Power Squadron is committed to educating the boating public on basic and advanced seamanship skills. You can take a course in a classroom setting, by personal computer, and if you are a member, online.

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