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Boating Safety - Take a Boating Safety Course


Boating Safety - Take a Boating Safety Course
Photo © U.S. Coast Guard

Why Take a Boating Safety Course?

Statistics for boating fatalities and accidents climb in relation to the number of operators who have no formal boating safety education. In Florida, 85 percent of boating fatalities involve boaters who have not taken a boating safety course.

Today, many states are adopting laws that mandate boaters pass a boating safety course before they operate a vessel. If you aren't sure if your state requires boaters to pass a course, boatsafe.com offers a complete list of states and their current requirements. If your state hasn't already passed a boating safety law why wait? It's just plain smart to be educated about the safe navigation and operation of your boat.

Boating safety courses are designed to teach you seamanship, navigation, safety, first-aid, and many more topics that will help you boat safely and confidently. Courses are offerred online, in the classroom, or by personal instruction. The benefits of taking a course far outweigh cost or inconvenience, and can even be a source of making new boating connections.

Boating Safety Course Resources

Here is a list of links pointing the way to organizations that offer boating safety courses, or provide help in finding one:

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