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Boating Safety and Education

Get educated about boating safety. Here you will learn boating safety best practices, where to take a boating safety course, how to get a vessel safety check and what things you can do to avoid an emergency at sea.
  1. Boating Safety Definitions (7)
  2. EPIRBs and PLBs (6)
  3. PFDs / Life Jackets (4)

Boating Safety Gear You Recommend
What gear or products do you recommend to fellow boaters for boating safety?

Do You Wear a Life Jacket?
Share your thoughts with other boaters about the pros and cons of wearing a life jacket while boating.

Safety and Operation of Your Boat
Boating safety and learning to operate your boat go hand in hand. Use these tips and articles to learn about boating safety and how to properly operate and handle your boat better.

PFDs and Life Jackets
PFDs, or life jackets, are an essential piece of boating safety equipment. Learn how to choose the best PFD for your boating activity, buy one that fits properly and why wearing a life jacket while boating is important.

EPIRBs and PLBs are designed to save your life. Find out what they are, how they work and why every boater needs one.

Cold Weather Boating
Don't miss out on boating during winter months if you live in an area with year round boating opportunities. Learn how to prepare, and then go boating!

Water Survival Techniques
If you end up in the water, follow these vital instructions to increase your chances of surviving.

Cold Weather Boating Gear
If you plan to go boating in cold weather or in perpetually cold waters, stock up on essential cold weather boating gear.

Boating Safety in Severe Weather - Waterspouts
An important part of boating safety is being aware of the dangers of severe marine weather. Find out what to do when you are boating and spot a waterspout.

Operate Your Boat at a Safe Speed at Night
In this Live & Learn article learn from a real-life experience why operating your boat at a safe speed at night can save lives and ways to implement this smart boating safety practice.

Drinking While Boating - Don't Do It!
Drinking while boating is a bad idea for operators and passengers. Avoid hefty fines, losing your operator's license, or jail time by not drinking and boating.

Optional Safety Equipment for Your Boat
A list of the top five optional – but highly recommended – safety equipment you should consider for your boat.

Boating Safety Best Practices
Embrace these boating safety best practices to help prevent boating accidents. If the worst does happen in spite of your best efforts - you will have at least increased your chances of survival.

Boating Safety - Take a Boating Safety Course
Statistic show that taking a boating safety course reduces the amount of boat accidents and fatalities. Take a boating safety course with one of these organizations that offer boater education classes.

File a Float Plan
Filing a float plan with friends or family before you leave the dock is an important aspect of boating safety. If things take a turn for the worse, they can relay important information to rescuers.

U.S. Coast Guard Safety Equipment Regulations
The U.S. Coast Guard safe boating site details safety equipment requirements for all boats.

Safe Boating Education Requirements
Most states have boating education laws - find out if yours requires you to take a safe boating course before operating a boat.

National Safe Boating Council
The National Safe Boating Council promotes safe boating through education. Find venues to take an online or traditional boating safety course.

Boat Safe Kids
Kids submit safe boating questions, and receive easy to understand answers.

Before You Leave the Dock: File a Float Plan
One important aspect of boating safety is to file a float plan before you leave the dock. Filing a float plan simply means telling you family or friends your location and intended time of return, as well as your boat's descriptive information. Find an easy-to-use template and important information to include in your float plan.

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