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Personalized Boating Gifts

Boating Gifts With a Personal Touch


Boaters love their boats and what better boating gift can you give than the name of their boat on a personal item such as clothing, welcome mats or even glasses and mugs? By personalizing an item for the boater in your life, you are meeting a practical need with a personal touch. Here are a few ideas and resources to find personalized products to give as gifts. Think outside the box to dream up a truly one-of-a-kind boating gift. Got more ideas? Share them with the boating community below in the reader's response box.

1. Personalized Clothing, Welcome Mats, Fenders

Put their boat's name on a polo shirt, hoodie sweatshirt, coat, welcome mat and even dock fenders. Boatnamegear.com offers personalized boat gifts at reasonable prices for men, women, children as well as practical items.

2. Octopus Suction Coolie

The Octopus Suction Coolie is just a good idea for every boater. Drinks stay cool, and in place, with 8 small suction cups on the bottom surface of the coolie. Options include Coolies that have additional side suction cups and/or floatation devices so drinks that fall in the drink float and can be easily retrieved. Octopus Suction Coolies can be personalized with the boat's name or logo. For more information, see Yachtsee.com.

3. Glasses and Mugs

Why not order a set of personalized wine glasses or coffee mugs as a boating gift? Glass etching is a viable way to give the boater in your life a daily dose of boating - whether they are on their boat or not. They can take their boat with them as they enjoy their morning coffee or enjoy a glass of wine or mug of beer.

4. SailorBags

Boaters always need bags to haul boating gear, stow boating equipment and cool food and drinks. SailorBags are stylish, water and abrasion resistant bags made of the same materials as Dacron sails that can be personalized. Options include boat totes, boat coolers, stow bags and duffel bags. For more information, see Yachtsee.com.

Disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with the companies listed here, nor am I compensated by providing their information or links to the company websites.

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