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Boating Gift Ideas for the Boater in Your Life


If you have a boater in your life, it easy to give great boating gifts that every boater will value and love. Fortunately, boating gifts are available in every price range to suit any budget. Find the best gifts for the boater in the your life - whether it's books or DVDs, tech and gadgets, or simply fun or personalized gifts for the extra special touch. Here are just a few ideas to get you started. If you have other ideas not mentioned here, be sure to respond at the bottom of the page to share your gift giving ideas with the entire boating community.

1. Boating Books and Magazine

Good Boatkeeping, cruising and boating books
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When you give boating books and magazines, you give the gift of knowledge that will reap rewards far after the wrapping paper has been tossed away. There are books that every mariner should have in their boating library including Chapman's Piloting and Seamanship and the Coast Guard Navigation Rules. Boating Magazines also reap dividends for months and will keep your boater informed and connected to their favorite hobby. Finally, help your boater save money with a DIY instructional DVD on an array of boating topics from knot tying to boat handling. Read more boating books, magazines and DVD gift giving suggestions.

2. Gadget and Tech Boating Gifts

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Every boater loves gadgets and tech gifts, and fortunately, it is easy to find gifts in this category that fit every budget. From magnetic flashlights that never need batteries and protect the environment to high end EPIRBs, boating gadgets are sure to please the boater in your life. Find boating gadgets gift ideas.

3. Personalized Boating Gifts

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From welcome rugs to T-shirts, personalizing an item with the name of their boat is a great gift to give a boater. This is especially true if the boater you know makes a living with their boat such as charter boat captains and tour boat operators. Some unique ideas for personalized gifts include etched glasses, clothing, boat gear and even drink coolies. Get more personalized boating gift ideas.

4. DIY Boating Gifts

Photo courtesy U.S. Coast Guard
Help the boater in your life learn a new skill such as line splicing, navigation, winterizing their boat, basic maintenance, bottom painting, etc., and you will give a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving through money saving, and possibly life saving, instruction. Help the boater in your life learn new DIY skills with these great gift ideas.
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