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Best Gifts for Boaters - Books and Magazines

Give the Gift of Boating Books and Magazines


When you give the boater in your life the gift of a boating book or magazine, you give the gift that keeps on giving all year long. As they return again and again to these fantastic boating resources, they will continue to grow their boating knowledge and skill, something you can't put a price tag on. Here are a few books that will enhance any boaters library. At the bottom, you will find a link for the top 5 boating magazines. Whether it's a book or a magazine, any of these is sure to be a gift that will delight the boater in your life.

1. Power Boating for Dummies

Power Boating for Dummies
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Don’t let the title fool you, this book is not for dummies. Written by Boating Life magazine’s Editor-in-chief Randy Vance, Power Boating for Dummies is packed full of boating information for beginning and experienced boaters alike. “With it’s clear, conversational tone reading the book is like standing on the dock with Vance while he patiently answers all your boating questions from the perspective of 45 years of experience on the water…”

2. Chapman Piloting and Seamanship

Chapman Piloting and Seamanship 65th Edition
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If you buy one book for a boater, this should be the one. Packed with boating instruction and information, Chapman Piloting and Seamanship is a standard text for private boating instruction and is recommended by the U.S. Coast Guard and the United States Power Squadron. Boaters will learn everything they need to know about boating including: navigation, safety, boat handling, weather, tides, currents, and more.

3. Coast Guard Navigation Rules

Photo courtesy U.S. Coast Guard
Without a doubt, this is book that every boater should be familiar with and keep on board their boat. The Coast Guard Navigation Rules describes the steering and sailing rules governing vessel traffic including which vessels have the right of way, sound signals, visual signals, distress and non-traditional situations.

4. Getting Started in Powerboating

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A beginner's guide to powerboating, Getting Started in Powerboating is a guide to everything from choosing a boat to handling the boat once it's yours. The book covers all powerboats and engine types, big to small. The reader will also get basic information on piloting and navigation, anchors and anchoring, maneuvering and rules of the road. Written in friendly and easy-to-understand language, this is a great guide for new boaters and even slightly experienced boaters.
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5. Good Boatkeeping

Good Boatkeeping, cruising and boating books
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You've heard of Good Housekeeping - the powerhouse magazine that offers stellar how-to advice on everything from how to keep your house in tip-top shape to learning how to organize your life and your home. Well, now there is Good Boatkeeping, a book for boaters filled with great ideas, tidbits and advice on how to perform simple boat maintenance tips to keep your boat in its best shape and help you live aboard and cruise with more ease on the weekend or full-time.

6. Boating Magazine's The Boat Doctor

Good Boatkeeping, cruising and boating books
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Although this book was first published in 1998, I still highly recommend it for DIY boaters. Written by Allen Berrien, Boating Magazine's "Boat Doctor" columnist, The Boat Doctor is a compilation of timeless articles including: winterizing, gelcoat and fiberglass repairs, caring for boat engines, bottom painting and more. Each chapter give thorough and in-depth instruction on vital boat maintenance topics that will never go out of style.
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7. Boat Navigation for the Rest of Us

Boat Navigation for the Rest of Us
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Has learning to navigate been a frustrating endeavor? Think you need to take a class to learn the basics of navigation? Think again. This book is easy to use and understand and will teach the boaters how to navigate by using electronic aids and traditional methods.
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8. An Embarrassment of Mangoes

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This is a great book for anyone interested in taking leave of daily life and cruising to far off places. Jump aboard the Receta and sail away in this delightful real-life tale of two people who lived their dream of cruising the Caribbean.

9. The Essential Book of Boat Drinks and Frozen Concoctions

Photo courtesy Peninsula Press
This is a great little book to have around. Give it a friend or loved one to keep next to the blender, so when friends from two slips down the dock come calling, they will be able to entertain them in style with a delicious boat drink.

10. Top Five Boating Magazines

Boating Life Magazine
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Boating magazines are a good way for boaters to stay informed about all aspects of boating. Here are the top 5 boating magazines to choose from. Giving a subscription to one will ensure the maximum from your gift giving dollars!
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