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Coast Guard Navigation Rules Book Review

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Coast Guard Navigation Rules Book Review
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The Bottom Line

Knowing the Coast Guard Navigation Rules is essential for optimum boating safety. Be ahead of the pack by knowing the Coast Guard Navigation Rules, and keep this book handy on your boat.
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  • U.S. Coast Guard official Navigation Rules
  • Contains complete Inland and International Rules
  • Small size makes it easy to stow aboard your boat


  • Official language makes it slightly difficult to understand


  • Paperback: 220 pages
  • Published: August 1, 2001
  • Publisher: Paradise Cay Publications
  • ISBN: 0939837498

Guide Review - Coast Guard Navigation Rules Book Review

Although recreational boaters are not currently required to know and pass a Navigation Rules test, vessel owners and operators should learn the Coast Guard Navigation Rules, otherwise known as the Rules of the Road.

This is the official guide of the U.S. Coast Guard and describes the steering and sailing rules for all vessels on U.S. waterways, lights and shapes, and sound signals for both inland and international. While the language can sometimes be confusing, boaters will learn much about how to navigate their vessels and share the waterways with others.

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