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Chapman Piloting and Seamanship 65th Edition

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Chapman Piloting and Seamanship 65th Edition
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The Bottom Line

If you purchase one book about boating, make Chapman Piloting and Seamanship the one.
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  • Covers virtually every boating topic
  • Full color illustrations
  • Continually updated to be the most current reference volume available


  • Very large volume makes it difficult to carry on a boat


  • Private boating schools use Chapman Piloting and Seamanship as a standard text.
  • The U.S. Coast Guard has officially recommended this book for boating education classes.
  • The United States Power Squadrons chose this guide as well.

Guide Review - Chapman Piloting and Seamanship 65th Edition

Chapman Piloting and Seamanship is the leading reference for boaters and sailors for over 100 Years. I recommend that every boater owns and reads a copy of this book to learn all there is to know about boating.

Boaters will learn about seamanship, including knot tying and boat handling, as well as navigation, electronics, anchoring, boating rules, weather, tides, current, and more.

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