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Buying a Boat and Boat Show Tips


When you are interested in buying a boat, boat shows are one of the best ways to try on many different boats, meet dealers and manufacturers and mingle with the boating community. Use these informative articles to get the best boat show and boat buying tips as well as learn when the best time buy a boat and whether to buy from a dealer or at a boat show.
  1. Boat Show Calendars
  2. Boat Show Tips and Information
  3. Buying a Boat

Boat Show Calendars

Buying a Boat - Buying a boat and going to boat shows

Find a boat show near you using the Boat Show and Events Calendar. Typically, January through April offer the most boat shows per month, but boat shows are offered world-wide all year long.

Boat Show Tips and Information

Learn to navigate a boat show to produce the best results for your boat buying efforts.

Buying a Boat

Buying a boat is a big decision that requires research before taking action. When broken down into smaller decisions, though, you'll find it much easier to decide on, shop for and buy a boat that is the best fit for you. Below are five areas, including links to in-depth coverage of each topic, that will help you define the boat that best meets your needs.

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