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Master the Basics to Begin Boating


As in all sports, boating has its own learning curve, terminology and rules to learn before you get started. To stay safe on the water and get the maximum enjoyment while boating, follow these tips and informational articles to learn the art of boating, boating safety and navigation.
  1. Buying a Boat
  2. Know Your Boat - The Art of Small Boat Seamanship
  3. Boating Safety Rules and Regulations
  4. Boating Safety Tips
  1. Marine Navigation
  2. Marine Weather
  3. Boating Resources

Buying a Boat

Buying a Boat - Buying a boat and going to boat shows

There are many facets to buying a boat. Consider all aspects of boat ownership before you sign the sale agreement and learn how to use boat reviews and boat shows to find the perfect boat.

Know Your Boat - The Art of Small Boat Seamanship

Nobody is born an expert boater, but by knowing small boat seamanship - the art of boat handling, and marlinspike seamanship - the art of line handling, you can become the master of your boat. Together, they are necessary skills for every boater to know before they begin boating.

Boating Safety Rules and Regulations

Coast Guard Boating Safety Requirements

All boaters should know and comply with federal and state boating safety regulations and the Coast Guard Navigation Rules. Use the resources here to learn about state and federal boating safety requirements and the authority of the Coast Guard to board and inspect your boat.

Boating Safety Tips

Staying safe on the water is no accident. When you begin boating, you will need to become educated about boating safety best practices, safety equipment and survival at sea.

Marine Navigation

Skillfully navigating the waterways is not only rewarding, but essential to boating safety. Learn the rules of the sea and how to navigate the waterways using nautical charts and marine electronics.

Marine Weather

Hurricane Boat Preparation - Hurricane Prep

Marine weather plays an integral role in boating safety. Know how to get a marine weather forecast, the different advisories, watches and warnings and what to do avoid severe weather.

Boating Resources

Chapman Piloting and Seamanship 65th Edition

Use these print resources to enhance your boating knowledge and skill.

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