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Saltwater Fishing Boats


Used to pursue game fish inshore and offshore, saltwater fishing boats are built for many types of fishing excursions.  Designed with the angler in mind, larger saltwater fishing boats have all the amenities fisherman need such as live bait wells, plenty of storage, electronics, and engine power to aid the angler in finding and landing fish.  Saltwater fishing boats are built in all sizes and designs, and are used in fresh water as well.  Saltwater vs. freshwater fishing boats are a myth - manufacturers build boats for use in either type of environment, some just perform better than others in a marine environment.  

Bay Fishing Boats

Bay boats are a mix between flats boats and offshore fishing boats.  Anglers who purchase these boat may venture offshore, but they are mostly used for fishing in sheltered bays and inlets.  Read more…

Flats Boats

Flats boats resemble bass boats with fore and aft casting platforms, but they are made for fishing in shallow saltwater bays and estuaries.  Read more…

Jon Boats

Bare bones describes jon boats well.  Made for hardcore fisherman, jon boats have a flat transom, bench seating and are often customized with trolling motors and other amenities.  Read more…

Offshore Fishing Boats

Big and fast, offshore fishing boats are build for the speed to chase fish and to handle deep sea waters.  Read more…

Center Console Boats

Center console boats has a helm station in the center of the boat rather than on the traditional right side.  Center console fishing boats afford its occupants an accessible walkway around the length of boat, making bow access a snap.  Read more…

Walkaround Boats

Just like the name implies, walkaround boats have a platform encompassing the entire boat so fisherman can move to any part of the boat while attempting to land a fish.  Read more…

Fish and Ski Boats

Fish and ski boats are a newer class of boat targeted towards anglers who also want to engage in water sports.  These boats are typically smaller than offshore boats and sporty for the power and ease of handling needed to tow skiers, wakeboarders and tubers.  Read more…

Other Boat Types

Interested in learning more about other types of boats?  This article is one in a series of articles about types of boats, their uses and other useful information.

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