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Before You Buy a Boat Know How You Will Use it Most

Buying the Best Boat for Your Boating Activities


When buying a boat know the price range and size of boat you desire, and decide on the type of boat you want for the particular water activities you intend to engage in. This will help you narrow the field of possible choices. Once you have ironed out these three considerations, you are well on your way to finding the target - a boat that meets your needs, at a price you can afford and that allows you to have fun while boating.

1. How do you plan to use the boat most?

If you intend to fish inland lakes, you will purchase a different boat than if you planned to cruise to the Bahamas. Start by making a list of the top three activities you wish to use the boat for, placing your number one preference at the top. Depending on the activities you list, you may find a boat that closely matches your desires. Or, you may find you need to compromise on an item to get the boat that makes your water activities easy and fun.

2. Who will use the boat most?

Will it be your boat, a family boat, or one that you use for work? It is important to define who will use the boat because that may change the type of boat you purchase. Do you have teenage children who want to learn boating skills so they can take their friends out for a day on the water? Do you have younger children whose comfort will need to be taken into account? Ask yourself who will be doing the main water activities.

3. What type of boat will best suit my needs?

ere you will need to do a little research. Many manufacturers specialize in the types of boats they produce. There are coastal fishing boats, runabouts, water skiing boats, pontoon boats... and the list goes on. Spend some time at your local dealers talking boats with the sales people. Tell them what you are looking for and get their suggestions for what type of boat may work for you. Just be careful they don't end up selling you a boat that doesn't meet your requirements.

4. What features do you most want your boat to have?

Depending on which boating activities you prefer the most, you will want your boat to have features that make that activity fun. Again, make another list broken into three sections: must have, don't need but really want, can live without. Next, fill in the blanks. What feature are you not willing to compromise on? If you are a fisherman, is it a live bait well? Do want to fish, but also be able to tow a wake boarder? The features you desire most on a boat will depend upon how you plan to use the boat.

5. Go shopping!

In closing, there are many boating activities, and many types of boats that will accommodate the activity you wish do most. By making a detailed list using the questions above, you will get a good sense of the type of boat that will meet your needs. Put that together with price considerations and boat size, and you are ready to go boat shopping!

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