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Do You Have Enough Time for a Boat?

Before You Buy a Boat, Match the Boat to Your Schedule


When you are buying a boat, an important factor that may influence the type of boat you buy is the amount of time you have to go boating and maintain your boat. For some people, boating becomes an integral part of their lifestyle. They spend every free moment on their boats and maintaining them. Other people might have lives in which boating will be a small, but enjoyable part. They may choose a smaller boat, trailer it and use it for short day trips on the weekend.

Use these tips to choose a boat that matches your schedule:

1. Be realistic.

How much time do you have, really? Don't let the excitement of buying a boat paint a rosy picture of your free time. Look seriously at your non-negotiable obligations, such as work and other outside activities. If you laid it all out on a calendar, where are the pockets of time you would be able to devote to boating and caring for your boat? Every weekend? Once every other week? All day every day?

2. Choose a boat with a maintenance schedule that matches yours.

Some boats are a breeze to maintain, others are not quite as easy. If you purchase a boat loaded with teak, or other high maintenance fittings, you will need to be able to devote a fair amount of time maintaining it. If you don't have a lot of time, your best bet is a low maintenance boat.

3. Be prepared to pay professionals.

All boats require some type of regular maintenance. If you don't have time or knowledge to maintain your boat's engines, hull, and interior spaces you will need to pay professionals to do it for you. Hiring a qualified person to maintain your boat can free up more time for boating fun. It can also bring peace of mind, especially if you have planned maintenance costs in your boating budget.
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