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Best Boats Review: Triumph Boats

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Best Boats Review: Triumph Boats

2008 Triumph 215CC

Photo courtesy Genmar Holdings

The Bottom Line

I was a bit skeptical of Triumph’s claim of the “world’s toughest boats,” but after witnessing the sledgehammer test, I admit I’m sold.


  • The hull is virtually maintenance free.
  • They are designed for maximum fuel efficiency.
  • Triumph offers a military discount when you present your military ID or DD-214.
  • Eleven models to choose from.


  • The largest model is only 23 feet long.


  • Molded in a single, seamless unit using state-of-the-art computer technology.
  • Constructed with floating Ropelene® technology.
  • Injected with closed-cell foam that exceeds the US Coast Guard flotation requirements.
  • Hull absorbs engine noise and wave impact for a quiet, soft ride.

Guide Review - Best Boats Review: Triumph Boats

What’s not to like about a boat that is nearly maintenance free, environmentally friendly, and virtually unsinkable? With eleven models to choose from, Triumph offers a model perfect for fishing, day-cruising, and water sports.

Made with Ropelene® and injected with closed-cell foam, Triumph boats require very little maintenance. If you scratch the hull, you can simply sand it and buff it. The heat from the buffer will return it to its natural shine. Even better than that, you never have to apply a coat of wax. That alone makes the Triumph worth comparing to a fiberglass vessel when you are in the market for a new boat.

Be sure to check out the Tough Test Program on the Triumph website, which shows videos of extreme product tests, including the Sledgehammer and Helicopter Test. You have to see it to believe it.

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