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Marine Communication

A VHF-FM marine radio is the first line of communication between you and ports, marinas, and other boaters, and is recommended by the US Coast Guard as your primary means of distress signaling. Get familiar with this essential electronic, radio frequencies, and the proper protocol for receiving and transmitting messages.

Marine Electronics Review: ACR GlobalFix iPRO EPIRB
The ACR GlobalFix iPRO EPIRB is available as a Category I or Category II EPIRB and has a non-hazmat battery.

Marine Electronics Review: ACR ResQFix 406 Personal Locator Beacon
The ACR ResQFix 406 GPS Personal Locator Beacon has an integrated GPS to transmit your location faster and pinpoint your location better.

Marine Electronics Review: ACR AquaFix 1/0 406 MHZ PLB
A mid-priced PLB, the ACR Aquafix PLB is a solid choice for mariners.

Marine Electronics Review: SPOT Satellite Messenger
EPIRBs and PLBs can save your life. The SPOT Satellite Messenger has many unique features, including alerting rescue agencies if you are in distress.

Cell Phone vs. VHF-FM Marine Radio
When it comes to relaying a distress call to the Coast Guard, a cell phone call to 911 works in a pinch, but the Coast Guard prefers mariners use Channel 16 on a VHF-FM marine radio.

VHF-FM Marine Radio – Your Lifeline in an Emergency
Calling for help on VHF Channel 16 should be your primary means of making a maritime distress call. If you don't own a VHF-FM marine radio, find out compelling reasons why you should.

Boat U.S. DSC Radio Registration
Boat U.S. is giving free Mobile Maritime Service Identity (MMSI) ID numbers to boaters with radios equipped with Digitial Selective Calling (DSC). The site offers a DSC radio tutorial.

Digital Selective Calling Overview
Not sure what DSC VHF radios do? Here's a run-down of what they will, and will not do for you.

Coast Guard Rescue 21
The Coast Guard Rescue 21 system is "quantum leap forward" in distress call response, and hinges upon properly equipped and registered DSC VHF marine radios. Find out more about Rescue 21 and it's impact on all mariners.

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