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Caring For and Maintaining Your Boat


Caring for an maintaining your boat is easy when tasks are broken into simple to follow instructions. Learn more about boat maintenance, engines and the essentials to care for your boat.
  1. Basic Cleaning
  2. Maintain or Restore the Exterior
  3. Winterizing and De-Wintering Your Boat
  4. Hurricane Preparation

Basic Cleaning

Good Boatkeeping, cruising and boating books

Cleaning your boat regularly will protect your investment for years to come. Use these tips and resources to help keep your boat clean and fresh smelling.

Maintain or Restore the Exterior

The exterior of your boat, the gelcoat, tells a story about your boat. If it is chalky, the gelcoat could be oxidizing and in need of restoration. Learn how to keep your boat looking like new, or restore it to it's former glory.

Winterizing and De-Wintering Your Boat

winterizing your boat

If you live in a climate that freezes in the winter, you will need to take extra steps to winterize and de-winterize your boat each year. Neglecting this important aspect of boat maintenance can cost thousands of dollars. Protect your boat's interior, exterior and engine by properly winterizing, de-winterizing and storing your boat for the winter.

Hurricane Preparation

Hurricane Boat Preparation

If you live in a region that is impacted by the threat of hurricanes, these are must read articles pertaining to properly preparing your boat to weather a hurricane.

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