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Boat Maintenance - Maintaining or Restoring Your Boat's Gelcoat


Follow these tips to keep or restore your boat's gelcoat in the original condition:

What is a Gelcoat?

A boat's gelcoat is the outer skin of the fiberglass hull. A layer of pigmented resin, the gelcoat protects the surface of the boat, sealing the fiberglass beneath from the elements including water, moisture and the sun's ultraviolet rays. The gelcoat also gives the boat its color and provides a glossy finish, much like paint on a car. Read more...

How to Protect Your Boat's Gelcoat

Good boat maintenance starts with a boat's gelcoat. The best maintenance plan will preserve the shine and integrity of your boat's gelcoat through a two-part process: cleaning and protecting. Cleaning your boat's gelcoat thoroughly by removing dirt and debris will help protect the gelcoat. Read more...

Gelcoat Oxidation Signs

If the surface of your boat appears dull or chalky, it is likely that your gelcoat has oxidized. Gelcoat oxidation is easily remedied in most cases, but may require the hand of a professional if the oxidation is severe. Find out the signs and severity of oxidation. Read more...

How to Restore Your Boat's Gelcoat

Good boat maintenance is reflected in the appearance of your boat, which is almost totally determined by the condition of the gelcoat. A badly maintained gelcoat can lead to oxidation, a dull, chalk-like finish that diminishes the aesthetics of your boat's finish. Oxidation also leads to greater damage through water intrusion. Restoring your boat's gelcoat and then following a gelcoat maintenance plan will increase the life and value of your boat. Read more...
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