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Is your boat's propulsion system a mystery to you? Knowing what makes your boat go and how to properly care for the engine, drive and propeller has a significant impact upon boating confidence and safety. Includes links and articles about proper care, maintenance, and repair of a boat's propulsion system.

Profile of the 100 year old giant marine outboard manufacturer.

How to Winterize Your Boat's Drive System
Winterizing your boat's drive system properly can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and headaches in the spring. Learn how to properly winterize your boat's engine, fuel, gears and cooling system.

Marine Engine Basics
A boat can have one of many different marine drive systems. Learn more about marine engines and systems that put the power into powerboat.

Save Money Fueling Your Boat
Save money on boating fuel by knowing your boat's design and economical speed.

Marine Engine Reviews
Part of the BoatTEST.com website, EngineTESTS.com provides professional reviews of major boat engines.

Propeller Database Search
Find the right prop for your boat through Trailer Boats Magazine searchable database.

Outboard Motor Care
Keep your motor running smooth by following the advice of this article from Discover Boating.

Gas vs. Diesel Engines
Which is the better choice? This article by a marine surveyor may help you decide.

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