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Aquapolooza - The World's Largest Boating Party


Aquapolooza, Sea Ray's annual multi-location boating festival, is the largest boat party of the summer held during the last two weekends in July at more than 100 locations around the world. And with over 12,000 boats, 56,000 attendees, and over 100 locations, it's easy to see why.

Boaters and non-boaters are invited to Aquapolooza. "AquaPalooza is about boating, great tunes, fun and togetherness with family and friends," said Rob Noyes, vice president of marketing for Sea Ray. "Whether folks are new to boating or seasoned veterans, this event is for all people who love life on the water. No one throws a party like Sea Ray."

The 2009 festival officially kicks off July 24 at the signature event at Lake Martin in Alexander City, AL. For those who cannot make it to the signature event, Sea Ray dealerships around the world will transform 150 additional locations into official AquaPalooza party sites during the last two weeks of July and early August.

Click on the links below to find a party near you.

California, Montana, Nevada, Washington, Oregon

Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Texas

Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wisconsin

Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri

Indiana, Ohio

Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee

Maine, Massachussets, New Hampshire, New York,Vermont, Rhode Island

Conneticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey

Delaware, Maryland, Virginia

Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina

North Florida

South Florida


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