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Boating Life

A collection of articles and resources to enhance the boating life for you and your family including boat show calendars, boat festivals, holiday boating celebrations, music and book reviews, and musings on every facet of the boating life.
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Worst Boating Day Ever Stories
What was your worst boating day ever? Share with other boaters your worst boating day and what made it so awful for you. See submissions

Best Boating Day Ever Stories
What was your best boating day ever? Share with other boaters your best boating day and what made it so unique for you. See submissions

2010 Boat Shows and Boating Events Calendar
Boat shows are one of the best ways to try on many different boats, meet dealers and manufacturers and mingle with the boating community. Find one near you with this boat show calendar.

Summer Boating Festivals
Summer boating festivals are a great way to have fun in the sun, and mix and mingle with other boating enthusiasts. Check out these boating festivals for locations near you.

Seafair is Seattle's summer celebration that includes fun in the sun for boaters on Lake Washington.

Aquapolooza - The World's Largest Boating Party
Aquapolooza is the world's largest boat party with locations in 45 states and 12 countries. Join the fun in your location.

9th Annual Chicago Scene Boat Party
Described as a "floating Mardi Gras," the Chicago Scene Boat Party is one wet and wild boat party.

4th of July Boating
Ideas to celebrate the Fourth of July with a few family-friendly boating ideas.

Boat Name Ideas
Take a leisurely cruise in any marina and you will see the individuality and creativity of boaters through the boat names displayed on the sterns of every kind of boat imaginable. Tell us what inspired the name of your boat and read other boater's contributions. See submissions

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