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Perfect Boating Accessories for Your Boating Lifestyle

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SailorBags Electronics Bags

SailorBags Electronics Bags

Photo courtesy SailorBags
It's surprising the amount gear required for a day of boating: clothing, swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, food and drinks, books or magazines, cameras, cell phones, and more. Wouldn't it be nice to store all of that stuff in stylish, waterproof and easy-to-carry bags? Well, with SailorBags you can tote all of your boating accessories easily and with style.

A Cool Bag for Every Boating Need

When I first discovered SailorBags, I was searching for the perfect gift for Father's Day. I wanted to find an affordable boating gift that I could have custom embroidered and that would be functional. When I found SailorBags, I was impressed with the look and functionality of their product, but when they sent me four bags to review for my readers, I was completely sold.

SailorBags, made of real, custom-woven sailcloth, combine durability and functionality in attractive backpacks, totes, handbags, soft-side coolers and more. Perfect for all your boating needs, SailorBags are soft and flexible but are made to withstand the rigors of the marine environment with triple bottom layers and waterproof liners. They also make great gifts because they can be purchased and personalized with a name or initials, a boat name and hailing port, or even custom logos for individuals or business names.

They have many different bags for as many boating needs: messenger and electronics bags, lunch bags, mini-totes or duffels, regular totes and duffels, backpacks, cooler bags, stow bags, toiletries bags, purses, wine bags, pillow covers and a navigator's tool tote. If you have to tote it or store it, they have a bag for it.

Affordable Style

SailorBags Messenger Bag

SailorBags Messenger Bag

Photo courtesy SailorBags

You might think that these bags, with their great construction and lifetime guarantee, would be expensive. Not so. SailorBags are affordable and add great value because they are made to be durable and waterproof. There are several options for under $20 including the mini-tote, toiletries kit, stow bags and the wine bag.

All Sailorbags are offered in white, but many of the bags can be ordered in the traditional nautical colors of red or blue. The bags are washable and as SailorBags states, each one "acquires its own patina and personality over time."

If you are looking for durable, attractive bags for all your boating needs, SailorBags are an affordable option.

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