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How to Read a Nautical Chart – Part 1 - Powerboating - About.com
To pilot your boat safely, you should carry paper nautical charts on your boat. Becoming familiar with nautical chart basics will form a foundation for knowing how ...
Learn to Navigate Using Nautical Charts- Distance Scale
So far, we've the learned the basic components of nautical charts. Think of these 5 parts of the chart as tools – each one will be useful in plotting a course on a ...
Learn to Navigate Using Nautical Charts - Powerboating - About.com
... pieces, it becomes simpler. The first steps are to learn the basic components of a nautical chart, and how to interpret the information for safe navigation.
Nautical Chart Latitude and Longitude - Powerboating - About.com
Nautical charts can pinpoint your location using lines of latitude and longitude. The latitude scale runs vertically along both sides of the chart indicating North ...
Learn to Navigate Using Nautical Charts- Compass Rose
Nautical charts have one or more compass roses printed on them. A compass rose is used to measure directions using true or magnetic bearing. True direction  ...
Raster vs. Vector Nautical Charts - Sailing - About.com
When choosing navigation software or an plotting app, you're also deciding between raster and vector nautical charts. Understand the strengths and ...
Nautical Chart Terms - Maritime - About.com
Even with GPS it is necessary to have a good understanding of chart navigation techniques. Instruments can fail or be damaged. A single lightning strike can ...
Marine Navigation - Powerboating - About.com
Learn marine navigation - the art of navigating the world's waterways - using nautical charts, a compass, marine electronics and various marine publications.
How to Plot a Navigation Course on a Nautical Chart - Powerboating
A simple way to navigate without a GPS or other electronics is to plot a course on a nautical chart, and for each leg of the course figure the bearing, speed, ...
Nigel Calder, How to Read a Nautical Chart - Best Sailing Books
Nigel Calder's book "How to Read a Nautical Chart" is much more than a simple guide to understanding charts but a comprehensive discussion of how to stay ...
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