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VHF-FM Marine Radios, Your Lifeline in an Emergency
Calling for help on VHF Channel 16 should be your primary means of making a maritime distress call. If you don't own a VHF-FM marine radio, find out ...
Powerboating - Using a VHF-FM Radio for Marine Communication
A VHF-FM marine radio is the first line of communication between you and ports, marinas, and other boaters, and is recommended by the US Coast Guard as ...
*CG Discontinued - Use VHF Channel 16 Instead - Powerboating
The Coast Guard prefers that you invest in a VHF-FM marine radio and transmit emergency calls over Channel 16. They reason that when you call on a cell ...
VHF-DSC Marine Radio Technical Information - Sailing - About.com
Here's the technical information you need to know about VHF-DSC marine radios to buy and use the best radio for your own boat.
Digital Selective Calling (DSC) for Marine VHF Radios - Sailing
Digital Selective Calling (DSC) is an emergency calling system that is now built into most fixed-mount marine VHF radios and some handheld VHF models.
Best Practices for Using Marine Radio on Your Boat - Maritime
Know How to Operate Your Marine Radio According to Best Practices. Learn Proper Protocols for Working and Recreational Vessels.
Common VHF Marine Radio Terms and Operations - Maritime
As a new worker in a busy harbor you will need to adjust to new radio conditions quickly. Common tasks performed over the marine VHF radio can take entirely ...
MOS 0621 Field Radio Operator - Marine Corp Jobs - US Military
Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions, MOS details, and qualification factors. MOS 0621 -- Field Radio Operator.
Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions -- 0629 -- Radio Chief
Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions, MOS details, and qualification factors. MOS 0629 -- Radio Chief.
Marine Corps (USMC) Enlisted Job Descriptions - MOS 7382 ...
Marine Corps (USMC) Enlisted Job Descriptions. MOS 7382, Airborne Radio Operator/Inflight Refueling Observer/ Loadmaster ARO/IRO/LM ...
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