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Boat and Gelcoat Maintenance and Restoration - Powerboating
Good boat maintenance is reflected in the appearance of your boat, which is almost totally determined by the condition of the gelcoat. A badly maintained ...
Gelcoat Oxidation - Powerboating - About.com
If your boat's gelcoat is not properly cared for, it could oxidize. Find out if your boat has gelcoat oxidation and the severity.
Gelcoat - About.com Powerboating, Definition of Gelcoat
A boat's gelcoat is the outer layer of the fiberglass hull. The gelcoat is a layer of resin that protects the hull, sealing the fiberglass beneath from the elements ...
Gel Coat Variables - What Can Change Gel Coat Quality
Gel coat application is no easy task. The many variables that can effect a gel coat make the process extremely difficult.
Learn How to Properly Apply Gel Coat
Gel coat application is a science. Learn the proper methods to apply gel coat in composite manufacturing.
Simple Boat Gelcoat Maintenance Plan - Powerboating - About.com
Boat maintenance is as simple as maintaining your boat's gelcoat, which is essential to preventing oxidation and damage to the hull. Learn how by following this ...
Boat Gelcoat Restoration and Maintenance
Your boat's gelcoat tells a story about your boat. If it has been well maintained, it will gleam like it did when you first bought it. If not, it may show signs of ...
Gel Coat Materials - Continued - Composites/Plastics - About.com
Learn about gel coat quality control used in composites, and the materials involved.
Vinyl Ester Barrier Coats - Composites/Plastics - About.com
Vinyl ester barrier coats are used to back up a gel coat and are used to improve properties and increase cosmetic appearance. Learn about VE barrier coats and  ...
Enamel Gel Coats - Composites/Plastics - About.com
Enamel gel coats are a specialty gel coat used and applied like paint, and not directly to the mold surface. Learn all the properties and details about enamel gel  ...
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