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How to Register an EPIRB or PLB - Powerboating - About.com
All new 406 MHz emergency beacons must be registered with NOAA as required by law. To register an EPIRB or PLB, visit NOAA's SARSAT page and register ...
What is an EPIRB? - Powerboating - About.com
Proper registration of your 406 MHz satellite emergency position-indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) is intended to save your life, and is mandated by Federal ...
Should You Purchase an EPIRB or a PLB? EPIRBs and PLBs
EPIRBs and PLBs are similar, yet different in important ways. Use this as a guide to decide the best EPIRB and PLB for you.
Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) - Powerboating
What is an EPIRB or Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon? Definition of EPIRB.
EPIRBs - Powerboating - About.com
Besides wearing a life jacket, an EPIRB is the next best investment a boater can make to ensure rescue in the event of a boating accident. However, many ...
The Best EPIRB or PLB to Buy - Powerboating - About.com
When boaters considering buying an emergency beacon ask me which one is the best EPIRB or PLB to buy, my answer is: any, either or both. First, any type of  ...
Definition of a Category II EPIRB - Powerboating - About.com
Also Known As: Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon, Personal EPIRB, PLB, Personal Locator Beacon, Emergency Beacon, 406 MHz Beacon ...
ACR GlobalFix iPRO EPIRB - EPIRBs and PLBs - Powerboating
The ACR GlobalFix iPRO EPIRB is available as a Category I or Category II EPIRB and has a non-hazmat battery.
How EPIRBs Work - EPIRBs and PLBs - Powerboating - About.com
EPIRBs, detected by the GEOSAR system, send rescue authorities an instant alert, but without location information unless the EPIRB is equipped with an integral ...
What is an EPIRB? - Saltwater Fishing - About.com
An EPIRB is a personal safety device used by offshore sailors and fishermen.
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