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Boat Maintenance - Simple Cleaning Tips for Your Boat
Simplistic though it may seem, cleaning your boat after each use is the first step in boat maintenance. Follow these basic boat cleaning tips to maintain the look ...
Using Vinegar to Clean and Maintain Your Boat - Boat Maintenance ...
Vinegar is a perfect for cleaning and maintaining boats because it is effective for killing most mold, bacteria, and germs due to its level of acidity. It's also an ...
Simple Boat Gelcoat Maintenance Plan - Powerboating - About.com
The best maintenance plan will preserve the shine and integrity of your boat's gelcoat through a two-part process: cleaning and protecting. Cleaning your boat's  ...
Using Vinegar in Boat Maintenance and Cleaning - Powerboating
Vinegar is an effective and economical cleaning agent. Learn tips to use it aboard your boat for simple boat maintenance and cleaning, deodorizing and ...
How to Care for and Maintain Your Boat - Powerboating - About.com
Cleaning your boat regularly will protect your investment for years to come. Use these tips and resources to help keep your boat clean and fresh smelling.
Powerboat: Cleaning and Maintenance Video
Hi, I'm Thalia from Castaway Marina in Queensbury, New York. Today for About. com, I'm going to be talking about boat cleaning and maintenance.
Clean Your Boat's Hull with MaryKate On & Off - Sailing - About.com
When your boat's hull is stained or dirty beyond the power of most fiberglass cleaners, use MaryKate On & Off Gel for the toughest job. This is a serious chemical ...
Babe's Boat Bright Spray Wax Cleaner - Product Review - Waterskiing
Every boat owner knows keeping a boat clean can be a time consuming task. Babe's Boat Bright Spray Wax Cleaner makes this job easier. Just spray on and ...
How to Get Your Boat Ready for Spring - Powerboating - About.com
First clean your boat's exterior using a marine safe cleaner from a marine supply store. Then, apply a fresh coat of wax according to the instructions in the gelcoat  ...
Boat Water Spot Removal Suggestions - Waterskiing - About.com
Some methods also work for calcium build-up on an outboard engine and lower units that are exposed to heat exhaust. Avoid cleaning your boat in the water to ...
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