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Ericka Watson

Ericka Watson was first introduced to boating when she became a First Mate on a charter boat in the Great Lakes. Her love of boats and writing led her to join the U.S. Coast Guard to become a journalist, but when faced with a choice between journalism school and driving boats during search and rescue missions, she chose the rigors of the sea hands down.


During the first year of her Coast Guard career, Ericka learned expert seamanship to become a certified Boat Crewman. She then pursued Coxswain certification, and spent the next five years as a Coast Guard certified Coxswain, or Captain, of a 47 ft. Motor Life Boat and other high-speed small boats. She led a crew of four during search and rescue and law enforcement missions in Puget Sound, and during Operation Enduring Freedom in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Upon leaving active duty, she pursued her long-lost love of writing and wrote corporate communications for a leading Florida newspaper until making the leap to full-time freelance writing with About.com


Ericka holds a B.A. of English, with an emphasis in Professional Writing and Writing for the Web, from New York Institute of Technology. To obtain coxswain certification with the Coast Guard, she attended a month-long specialty training school at Coast Guard Training Center York Town, Virginia.

By Ericka Watson:

All boaters start out in the same place: at the beginning with a longing for the sea and a boat. Somewhere along the way, boating seeps into your blood and becomes a way of life. Wherever you are at on that journey, I am thrilled to guide you into the endless delights of powerboats and learning seamanship, boat handling, navigation, and boating safety. Whether you are new to boating, or an old salt, it is always a better journey together!

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